Gracia Gernale Asian Poet

Is A poet, Philanthropist, a lover of humanity

Her poetry speaks to all genre. Her heart speaks louder to rights of women against violence.

According to her she started writing since her pre law literature class in college.

Gracia became admin.owner of  almost ten poetry clubs run by poets from different nations. they said that this girl is a king maker.she helped many poets from Africa and other countries published their own books which she considered her biggest achievement she is being followed by thousands of poets from different ponds of the world. her poetry echoed in thousand hearts. Recipient of many awards in different poetry competition. Published her books which gave her a title as an author.


★ ★ ★Haraya’s 10’s to answer★ ★ ★

 1. The sweetest thing happen to you?

I saw the beautiful faces of my children.

2. who is your influence in writing?

no one. My heart dictates my pen to write.

3. If you were the president of the country what are your advocates?

Punish all the killers and all the offenders

4. preferred time of writing daytime or nighttime?

no specific time. I only write when my heart calls for it.

5. are you an introvert person?

yes but most often I am in a crowd because of my job. I longed to be alone always.

6. where do you want to rest when your end is near?

in my rest house in Real Quezon beside the river fronting the beach while the mountain is watching me . So Alone.

7. Do you want to be one of the admin. here in HARAYA Intl.?

i was a part of your beautiful beginning. I resigned due to personal reason and busy schedules. Haraya has a soft spot in my heart.No problem coming back. I am proud how you become now. Congratulations!

8. what would suggest to our group?1408395530850.jpg

Collect all those best poets or develop young poets as a legacy of Haraya.

9. if you are on the top of the mountain what would you rant?

Stop the war, the arrogance let love dwell in our hearts.

10. .complete the sentence ” I am__________ and i love_____”

” I am the Asian Poet and i love to be known a poet with a good heart.