Ar Lan His most characteristic description also can be spelled using the letters of his first name. It is LEARN. Learning new things and mastering them is his hobby.

★ ★ ★ Arnel writes in any literary genre (poetry, essay, short stories, flash fiction, novel and mix of these). In writing fiction, he mostly writes horror. But he is also into drama, comedy, fantasy and still trying to write in different or mixed genres.

★ ★ ★ Arnel started practice writing during his elementary years. His first win in writing was during high school in a Feature Writing Contest. He was also a Feature Editor in the school publication. He started writing poetry during his high school years. Two of his poems were published in the school publication. To date, he already has more than a thousand collection of poems some of which are winning pieces in contests. Others are in Poem Hunter, Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry, Pinoy Poets Circle, Septon Unleashed Poetry Group, G.T.B. and other poetry Facebook groups. Majority of his poems were self-compiled and are not yet published. On short stories, he started practice writing during his college days. He composed only a few stories by then and haven’t joined any contest yet. Only last year (2016) did he become active again when he first discovered that there are writing contests in Facebook. He tried to join few contests to see what he had already got into writing. Luckily enough, he won some of these contests. Inspired by readers’ heartwarming comments and feed backs, up to now, he continue writing stories and improving further in this discipline. On novel writing, he completed his first novel in 2007. To date, he has four on-going novels.

★ ★ ★ Writing Milestones *His entry poem “Ang Aking Pag-ibig: Noon at Ngayon” won 2nd place in a poetry contest in facebook sponsored by DRE@MY Tandem last February, 2016 *Promoted as admin in Pentasi B *His story “Skull Replica” was included in UHS’ first self-published book *His one-shot story “Manananglam” won 3rd place in CSHS *His short story “Malikmata: Ernal” won first place in MHULS *Grand Champion in Scrittores Ultimate Challenge (3-round story writing contest) with his entry pieces: -“Sulat” (drama/tragedy) -“Tok Mol and Da Pipins” (humor/hugot) -“Hulang Brutal” (horror/brutality) *Contributed Septon Subtypes (Dragonfly Septon and Lanorio Septons) in Septon Unleashed Poetry *Won 2nd place in Writers’ Hub poetry contest

★ ★ ★Haraya’s 10’s to answer★ ★ ★

1. What is the sweetest thing that happened to you?

As a writer, the sweetest thing that happened to me is to receive wild and heart-warming feed backs and comments from satisfied and amazed readers. It not just gives joy but inspires me too to write more and continue improving in writing.

2. Who is your influence in writing?

If there is one, it would be my high school English Teacher. Her pen name back then in our school publication was “Blue Moon”. She was so kind to me and she pushed me to bring out my best in writing. One of my poems is dedicated to her. Until now, she’s still my inner inspiration in writing.

3. If you were the president what would you advocate?

I would advocate alternative penalties instead of death penalty for convicted criminals or drug addicts. No one has the right to take life even out of a heinous criminal. But of course, we should not consent to their wrong doings. Instead of sentencing them to death, I would sentence them with life-time service for the underprivileged. I would let them go into livelihood training and then employ them. But their profit would not be theirs but should be turned over for causes such as for donations for calamity victims, for orphanages, for out of school youths, for the home for the aged, for housing projects for the poor and the likes.

4. Preferred time of writing, daytime or nighttime?

I am not time conscious in writing. Day or night, I can write. It’s just about focusing and mind conditioning. As long as an idea pop in my head, I jot it down or make mental notes and write them later whenever I am not busy.

5. Are you an introvert person?

May be, a bit yes. I really find socializing drains. I prefer associating with just few sensible people than with hyper individuals. I hate extremes so I tend to go in between where there is balance.

6. What did life taught you yesterday?

When I am to take yesterday as the entirety of my past, I can say that I learned a lot. To not lose faith is the most important of all. Without it, I could have been dead long time ago. It thought me to continue fighting despite of anything. I need not give up because I found out that adversities are learning opportunities and that time changes situations as wounds heal. Indeed, daily experiences are teachers to help me improve every day.

7. Do you want to be one of the admin. here in HARAYA Intl?

If I deserve, why not? I love learning from other peoples’ ways and means. I love learning from different people with different personalities.

8. What would you suggest to our group?

The group must have a unique system by which to hinge to. It must adhere with a clear yet effective mission and vision. Since it is international, it should conform to universality.

9. If you are on top of a mountain, what would you rant?

I would rant nothing as I am not a person who hold on to negative feelings for long. I am of an understanding nature. I know that living in an imperfect world with imperfect fellows and imperfect personalities, won’t end things that may eat out my energies. But, of course, I don’t consent wrong doings. I just have my way of taming my self and ranting is not my option.

10. .complete the sentence ” I am__________ and i love_____”

” I am a fan of the One who is the source of purest wisdom and I love having a deep relationship with Him!.”