This next featured poet today is from Iba, Zambales. An excellent poet / writer who becomes one of my friends here in FB.

HIGP: Tell us who is Danny Gallardo?

Danny Gallardo: Danny Gallardo is a simple guy. A kind of person who has a deep perception in life. In my quest for truth, I came to a point that I have swum the deepness of the sea of life, I have unveiled the immensity of nothingness, and I have searched relentlessly for better solutions in the puzzle of life.

HIGP: What genre do you prefer ?

Danny Gallardo:  Poem When did you start writing? (e.g prose,poem,short stories,essay,spoken words piece)?

Danny Gallardo: I started writing when I was 13 years old. When I saw a beautiful girl in the school. I was a freshman in High School then.

HIGP: Tell us some highlights on your success in writing, or other achievements in life?

Danny Gallardo: I won 1st prize in Haraya Festival in Ramon Magsaysay Technological University. My winning poem is entitled – Panambitan.

Haraya’s list of 10’s to answer:

1. The sweetest thing happen to you?

The sweetest thing that happened to me was when I discovered my talent in writing, specifically poetry. It is an art that I express myself. That I am able to discover, develop and fathom the wonder and abyss of life.

2. who is your influence in writing?

William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Jose Rizal M. Reyes and of course the Muse behind my poetry.

3. If you were the president of the country what are your advocates?

 I’ll make our nation great again. My main priority is to have the people extensive learning. So, Education will be prioritized. I’ll make this nation a “Poetry Land” wherein people have the love for poetry. Poetic words from the poets will have the impact to the people as if these will serve as their poetic delicacy to change their attitude and behavior.

4. preferred time of writing daytime or nighttime?


5. are you an introvert person?

Not really. I’m only introvert when I’m writing because I need serenity to be able to swim the abyss of literary world.

6. where do you want to rest when your end is near?

I want to still have long life in order to write more poetic thoughts.

7. Do you want to be one of the admin. here in HARAYA Intl.

Yes. My pleasure.

8. what would suggest to our group?

To have camaraderie among the bards so that all will be inspired to write for the benefit of mankind.

9. if you are on the top of the mountain what would you rant?

I would rant – “ I am the poet whose pen is like a sword, So, all kindred and tongues, hear my word!”

10. complete the sentence ” I am__________ and i love_____”

I am a poet and a man of letters and I love writing because I do believe that to live is to write forever. 



( A Sonnet )
Poetic clatter must be weaved in length
Of meter, so the poem will have strength,
A poem should be sung, it must be salient,
It must have the charm like a flower’s scent.
A poem must be penned full of harmony
So one can savor its delicacy,
Nevertheless, a poem too can be free,
But it is better to have melody.
A poem must be filled with rhyme and meter
To weave cadence and poetic clatter,
It must have the pow’r to tap and endear
And have the allure to touch and flatter.
A poem without the melody and chant
Is like a river, dull and stagnant.
Copyright 2017
03 / 04 / 2017

( A Sonnet )
As I walk down the street, I see a comet
That suddenly turns fast my heartbeat
And wakes up my clairvoyance as a poet
Who always sees wonder and silhouette.
I always see a comet — a premonition
To have an ample and profound notion,
To see a comet is a phenomenon,
A rare thing and beyond imagination.
To see a comet is a vivid picture,
An artistic elegance of nature,
A sonnet has beauty in composure,
A similitude of life’s adventure.
Tonight, I see another comet, my tenth time
As if I plunge the magic of poetic rhyme.
Copyright 2017
02 / 24 / 2017