Today as we start this segment entitled: “GETTING TO KNOW YOU” i would like to

introduce you one indian poet friend of mine who is very good in writing, in fact also

i admire her skills in organizing, and building a group.

A Dental Surgeon…

A Leader..

A Poetess…

let us know her more..

HIGP:tell us who is Dr. Prerna Singla?

Dr. Prerna Singla:  Dr. Prerna Singla is a Dental surgeon who hails from Gurgaon, India. She is also the Founder of global poetic community named Hall of Poets and a writer, editor and reviewer. She has authored ‘ The crown of Sekhmet’, and ‘The bible of marriage’ and guest authoured ‘Reality of spirituality in kalyug’. She has also contributed to many national n international anthologies.

HIGP: What genre do you prefer ?

Dr. Prerna Singla: I prefer all genre when i write. I believe in exploring as much as I can. Smiles.

HIGP: When did you start writing? (e.g prose,poem,short stories,essay,spoken words piece)?

Dr. Prerna Singla: I started writing when I was about 8 yrs old and I started writing articles in my mother tongue Hindi.
Essay , i have been writing since 5 yrs of age, but mostly they were for academics and not as a hobby.

By the age of 10 yrs. I started writing poetry.

HIGP: tell us some highlights on your success in writing, or other achievements in life?

Dr. Prerna Singla: I won’t call it a success in writing as yet because I am yet to find the true meaning of success for myself. Achievements, I have had many. exemplary performance in national Science and mathematics Olympiad as a child, gold medal for service towards elderly received in childhood, scholarship at high school level, 99% scorer in my favorite subject, first time cooking for my mother in her last days and her appreciating my bad cooking, getting admitted in medical school, being a doctor and a healer, being able to voice my opinions without hesitation, love and support of poets & readers towards my writes, being able to love the world and the beauty that lies in little precious moments … all these are my achievements i believe… other materialistic things, i don’t know if i should mention them 🙂

Haraya’s list of 10’s to answer:

1. The sweetest thing happen to you?


2. who is your influence in writing?


3. If you were the president of the country what are your advocates?

To make sure that no man in my country sleeps hungry.

4. preferred time of writing daytime or nighttime?

No preferred time. I am a spontaneous writer.

5. are you an introvert person?

Nope. I m very outgoing, except of course required by circumstances.

6. where do you want to rest when your end is near?

IN the memory of people.

7. Do you want to be one of the admin. here in HARAYA Intl.

Oh yes! OF course. That would be an honor for me. 🙂

8. what would suggest to our group?

To keep up the great work.

9. if you are on the top of the mountain what would you rant?

Om Namah Shivay!

10. complete the sentence ” I am _____and i love _____.”

” I am Dr. Prerna Singla and i love life.”