Let Us Increase The Tribe .. 🔴

If there’s a will there’s a way ..

We never thought in our wildest dreams
We would meet in true to life
We appreciated each other’s poems on Facebook
Last night at the Haraya International Group of Poets
The Shakespeare’s Nutcracker Poetry Night
We greeted ourselves ” Hello”
Our first smile
Our first hug
Our first laughter
Our voices first heard
Our first ha ha ..
Our first poetry recitations
Our first open mic
Most of all , our first share of food ..

For sure the bonding continues ..

Indeed , Jez Rico Cuenta
Akencial Paul D. Rico
Aligma Sheebata
Suzette Portes San Jose
Aendgzel Roze
Larka Faye
Julieta Asenita

our true friendship started
let us increase the tribe ..

Elizabeth Ongpauco🔴
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© 2016 .12